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Your Questions Answered


When can I drop my items off?

Anytime! So long as its within our store hours, you can drop them off whenever. It only takes about 5 mins.

What brands do you accept? 

We accept clothing based on the condition, quality, season, and date as well as brands.

We have a list of brands we accept and what we don't accept on our terms and conditions page. 

Why don't you accept certain brands/items?

Some brands we wish not to sell in-store, as we like to keep all of our stock consistently quality. Please do not be offended if we do not accept your items. They just may not come under our criteria or we don't think it will sell

You can choose to uplift your items at anytime. You will just need to locate your items in-store and let a staff member know and we will remove it off your account. 

What if I change my mind about selling my items?

We have a $2 Handling Fee per drop-off that gets deducted from your account with us. 

Are there any fees?

This is because the gst hasn't been taken off yet. You receive 50% after gst.

My credit says I have $150, why do I only get $127.50?


Do you do Returns/Refunds?

Due to the nature of our store being pre-loved we cannot offer refunds for any returns of items if you change your mind. If items are faulty we can offer store credit. 

What do all of the colour dots mean?

The colour dots on the tags are for us to keep track of the stock in-store. Sorry, it does not mean they are on sale... If items are half price they will be marked!

Do you hold items?

We can hold items until the end of the day

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