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At Recycle the Label, we regularly accept items on consignment.

We know exactly what it's like when you have an overflowing wardrobe that you need to part with. We know it can be a big effort to sell your items online. - That's why we do what we do! We sell your designer clothing and items on consignment and resell on your behalf!

Your items will be in store for: 

5 weeks at full price

3 weeks at 50% off

$5 for a week

Unsold items will be donated after 9 weeks

You will receive 50% of the sale price after GST.



Payments are made via store credit or bank transfer only.


Recycle the Label serves a dual purpose: to help those in need of selling pre-loved items, and to provide great finds for those looking to buy them at bargain prices. We meet the needs of both shoppers and sellers.

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Giving Back

Recycle the Label welcomes donations of items you no longer want or need. Upon drop-off, the ladies will ask if you would like your items to be donated or returned if we do not accept them for sale in our stores.


By donating these pre-owned items, we can give to those who couldn’t afford them otherwise. We ask our donors to refrain from donating torn garments.

Recycle the Label firmly believes in giving back to our community. Your generous donations will help us do so. We know that giving feels great.



Make Some Money

Recycle the Label wants to help you earn money from old items you no longer want. Downsizing has never been so attractive or easy! We accept gently used, high-quality goods in great condition and pay 50% of the sale price once items have sold. With our loyal customer base and high product turnover rates, items never stay at Recycle the Label for long.

We have a 5-item minimum limit on the number of items we accept —  only accepting pre-owned items in good condition. Our sales associates are experts at setting attractive yet profitable prices.


Contact us for more details about our selling policy and start earning today!



Items must be clean, not dated, in season, in great condition and designer-labeled. The more trendy and stylish your items are, the more our customers will want them! Any items we do not accept from your drop-off that don't match our criteria you can collect in-store after being notified via email or text or we can donate them for you if you wish. (Items will be donated if not collected within 10 working days). Items usually take about a week or 2 to process.

When your items are sold at Recycle the Label, we give you store credit to use in our stores, or you can be paid via bank transfer. Consignors have enjoyed our trading policy of earning a fair percentage of the price items get sold for in the store. It’s a win-win situation!

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