Sell your designer labels with us. Bring in your designer labeled clothing, shoes or accessories into our store with a form of photo ID. We will collect your details. Your items will take a week to process until out in store for sale to check condition, label and pricing. Labels we do not accept or are in a condition we feel we cannot sell. You can decide to donate to Women's Refuge Whanganui or pick up in store as we will not sell these items. You will receive an email with this information.

​Once your items are sold you will receive 50% of the sale price or you can choose to donate your commission to Women's Refuge Whanganui. This will be sent to you via bank transfer and may take 3 working days to process. Payments will be made at the end of each month. 

Your items will be in store for sale for 5 weeks at full price.

3 weeks at 50% off.  

Then items will be reduced to our $5 rack if not sold by 8 weeks. If not sold items will be donated to Women's Refuge.

You may wish to uplift your items from the store at any time. To do so you must notify a staff member once you have located your item in-store. This will exclude items on hold. 

NOTE: Staff members will be in touch via email or call about your items. If we haven't heard from you a week before your items expiry we will be donating to Women's Refuge. 

By dropping your designer goods in store you accept any risk of loss, damage or potential shop-lifting. We will however take the best care of your items while in store with us. You also accept that we have permission to advertise your items for promotional purposes. Your items may also be sold online to maximise chance of sale. 

Please make sure you try items in store before you buy as we have a non-refundable/non-return policy.

​Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our T's & C's!